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Table Of Contents

1. The "Problem" of Race and Gender
2. The Unchosen Me: The Intersection of Opportunity, Privilege, and Choice
3. Research across the Color Line: Empowerment, Mutual Learning, and Difficult Decisions
4. Walking in Enemy Territory: Being Black on Campus
5. Academic Performances: Between the Spotlight and Invisibility
6. "Too White" or "Too Ghetto"? The Racial Tug-of-war for Black Women
7. Learning to Be a "Good Woman": Interpreting Womanhood through Race
8. The Unchosen Me and the Interactions That Create Race and Gender
A. Participants in the Study
B. Data Analysis and Validation
C. Examples of Data Analysis
D. Sister Circle Protocols

The Unchosen Me
Race, Gender, and Identity among Black Women in College
Publication Date: 1 Dec 2009
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