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Julie Morita, Former Commissioner, Chicago Department of Public Health
Introduction. A Path to Health Equity for Cities
Maureen R. Benjamins and Fernando G. De Maio
Part I. Entrenched Racial Health Inequities in the United States
Chapter 1. Context for Entrenched Racial Health Inequities
Maureen R. Benjamins, Fernando G. De Maio, and Ruqaiijah Yearby
Chapter 2. Theorizing the Causes of Health Inequities
Fernando G. De Maio and Maureen R. Benjamins
Part II. Racial Inequities in US Cities: An Analysis of Mortality Data
Chapter 3. Inequities in All-Cause Mortality, Life Expectancy, and Premature Mortality
Maureen R. Benjamins, Nazia Saiyed, Abigail Silva, and Fernando G. De Maio
Chapter 4. Inequities in the 10 Leading Causes of Death
Abigail Silva, Nazia Saiyed, Fernando G. De Maio, and Maureen R. Benjamins
Chapter 5. Inequities in Selected Causes of Death: HIV, Homicide, and Opioid
Abigail Silva, Nazia Saiyed, and Maureen R. Benjamins
Part III. Epidemiological Patterns and Sociological Explanations
Chapter 6. Understanding Mortality Patterns and Inequities across US Cities
Fernando G. De Maio, Maureen R. Benjamins, Abigail Silva, and Nazia Saiyed
Part IV. Translating Data into Action: Practical Approaches to Health Equity
Chapter 7. Using a Social Justice Framework to Help Achieve Health Equity
Abigail Silva, Michael Rozier, and Sharon Homan
Chapter 8. Data Are Not Enough: Moving toward Solutions-Focused Communication
Kristin Monnard, Jana Hirschtick, Maureen R. Benjamins, and Pamela T. Roesch
Chapter 9. Mobilizing to Action: Overcoming Chicago's 16-Year Life Expectancy Gap
Pamela T. Roesch, Brittney S. Lange-Maia, Eve Shapiro, Darlene Oliver Hightower, Veenu Verma, Nikhil G. Prachand, Emily LaFlamme, Ayesha Jaco, David Ansell, Sharon Homan, and the West Side United Metrics Working Group
Conclusion. Next Steps on the Path to Health Equity
Maureen R. Benjamins and Fernando G. De Maio
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Unequal Cities
Structural Racism and the Death Gap in America's Largest Cities
Publication Date: 7 Sep 2021
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