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Part I: The Universities of Italy
1. Bologna and Padua
The Italian University
Bologna: Second Hald of the Twelfth Century
Bologna in the Sixteenth Century
Padua, 1222
Padua after 1509
2. Naples, Siena, Rome, and Perugia
Naples, 1224
Diena, 1246
Rome, 1240s
Perugia, 1308
3. The Second Wave: Pisa, Florence, Pavia, Turin, Ferrara, and Catania
Pisa, 1343
Florence, 1348
Pavia, 1361
Turin, 1411–1413
Ferrara, 1442
Catania, 1445
4. The Third Wave: Macerata, Salerno, Messina, and Parma
Macerata, 1540–1541
Salerno, c. 1592
Messina, 1596
Parma, 1601
Incomplete Universities
Paper Universities
5. The University in Action
The Organization of Instruction
Civil Authority and Student Power
Student Living
Residence Colleges
The Doctorate
The Cost of Degrees
Alternate Paths to the Doctorate
Doctorates from Counts Palatine
The Counter Reformation
Part II: Teaching and Research
6. The Studia Humanitatis
Grammar and Rhetoric in the Fourteenth-Century University
Humanists Avoid the University, 1370–1425
Humanists Join the University, 1425–1450
Humanistic Studies Flourish, 1450–1520
Court and Classroom: Changing Employment for Humanists
Humanistic Studies at Other Universities
The Sixteenth Century
Curricular Texts
Teaching and Research
Humanists in the University: A Summation
7. Logic
Logic at Padua
Logic at Other Universities
Teaching and Research
Demonstrative Regress
8. Natural Philosophy
Aristotelian Curricular Texts
Greek Texts and Commentaries
Inanimate World, Scientific Method, and the Soul
The Debate on the Immortality of the Intellective Soul
The Immortality of the Soul after Pomponazzi
Platonic Philosophy in the Universities
Continuity and Decline of Aristotelian Natural Philosophy
9. The Medical Curriculum
Medieval Medical Knowledge
The Medical Curriculum in 1400
Medical Humanism
The Anatomical Renaissance
Bodies for Dissection
University Anatomy after Vesalius
Clinical Medicine
Medical Botany
10. Theology, Metaphysics, and Sacred Scripture
From Mendicant Order Studia to Faculties of Theology
Faculties of Theology
Doctorates of Theology
Theology, Metaphysics, and Sacred Scripture at the University of Padua
Universities Teaching Theology Continuously
Universities Reluctant to Teach Theology
Erasmus's Doctorate of Theology
Teaching Texts
The Reputation of Theology
Italian Convent and University Theology, 1400–1600
11. Moral Philosophy
Moral Philosophy in the Late Middle Ages
Humanistic Moral Philosophy at the University of Florence
Moral Philosophy in Other Universities
Teaching Moral Philosophy
12. Mathematics
Statutory Texts
The Renaissance of Mathematics
Professors of Astrology, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Luca Pacioli
The Progress of Mathematics
13. Law
Mos Italicus
Teaching Texts
Humanistic Jurisprudence
The Decline of Canon Law
Padua and Bologna
Pavia and Rome
Siena and the Sozzini
Florence and Pisa
The Other Universities
Part III: Recessional
14. The Decline of Italian Universities
Concern for the Universities
Competition from Religious Order Schools: The Jesuit School at Padua
Competition from Religious Order Schools: Schools for Nobles
Degrees from Local Colleges of Law and Medicine
Private Teaching and Other Pedagogical Abuses
Private Anatomy Teaching at Padua
The Shrinking Academic Calendar
Financial Problems
Faculty Provincialism
Student Violence
Positive Developments
A Weakened Institution
Appendix: Faculty Size and Student Enrollments

The Universities of the Italian Renaissance
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