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"Not only is this the first study of the university, but the deepest study of the relationship between an Italian family and the university it founded. I will certainly add this book to my shelf."

"Does a university that lasted only six years deserve a full-length academic study? In this case, the answer is clearly yes... Highly recommended."

"A good professional piece of work."

"Grendler's book provides a wealth of new information... Written by one of the most erudite scholars of Italian Renaissance education, this story of a failed institution is an unqualified success."

"His study of the university and its connections with both the Society of Jesus and the Gonzaga, the noble family that ruled Mantua for generations, is meticulously researched and exquisitely detailed, and provides readers with a richly-textured exploration of political and intellectual life in northern Italy."

"Shapin's indubitable reputation remains... untouched for inspiring fruitful and controversial debates in the community of the historians of science."

"Reading Grendler's reconstruction of this courtly and intellectual adventure, we get the impression that we are witnessing a complex and carefully arranged experiment for testing the compatibility of the most representative elements of a cultural milieu."