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Table Of Contents

Part I: Background
Chapter 1. Trailers
Chapter 2. Trailer Parks
Chapter 3. The War Years
Chapter 4. Mobile Homes
Chapter 5. The HUD Code
Chapter 6. New Models
Chapter 7. Sitting Mobile Homes
Part II: Single-Siteds
Chapter 8. Where Are They?
Chapter 9. The Lexington Hexagon
Chapter 10. Northern New Mexico
Chapter 11. Mercer County, North Dakota
Chapter 12. Upstate New York
Chapter 13. Adams County, Wisconsin
Chapter 14. Spersopolis
Chapter 15. The Coal Field
Part III: Side by Side
Chapter 16. The Mountain West
Chapter 17. Filling in the Flathead
Chapter 18. A Snapshot of Evergreen
Chapter 19. Boom and Bust in Western Montana
Chapter 20. The Changing "Small"-Town West
Part IV: Parks
Chapter 21. Mobile Home Parks, Utilitarian to Upscale
Chapter 22. The Twin Cities Metropolitan Area
Chapter 23. Southwestern Kansas
Chapter 24. Long Neck
Chapter 25. Florida
Chapter 26. Southern California
Part V: Conclusion & Epilogue