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"Pioneering, seminal work... Essential."

"Urban Carnivores is a must-read for beginning wildlife biologists and managers and will challenge those in the middle of their careers to think differently regarding carnivores in urban areas. Although the book focuses on carnivores, it becomes clear that urban areas differ from natural areas and our understanding of basic ecology for well-known species may not apply to those residing in urban and suburban locations. Biologists often write off urban areas as valuable wildlife habitat and instead prefer to deal with natural areas. This book discusses why biologists and managers should consider conserving urban carnivores and introduces the idea of urban carnivores as ambassadors for wildlife, as well as how urban carnivores may assist with regional population stability."

"An engaging and informative read for any naturalist with a desire to better understand some of our non-human neighbors, and to cultivate an understanding of the issues involved in learning to coexist peacefully with them."

"A very important area of study, and this book successfully highlights the shortcomings in our knowledge."

"A thorough examination of conflicts and management issues surrounding urban carnivores provides a very good reference for wildlife biologists and urban planners."