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"Students now have an analysis of Venice's fortunes over the whole course of its independent history that they can trust... A crisp and clearly visualized narrative."

"The best one-volume history of Venice in any language."

"An up-to-date and comprehensive history of Venice has long been needed, and Professor Lane, as the doyen of historians of Venice, was the obvious man to supply it."

"Frederic Lane has achieved what is the often unfulfilled dream of every historian who has devoted his entire work to the exploration of partial aspects of a single broad subject: he has given us a comprehensive, thoughtful, readable, beautifully illustrated general history of Venice from the origins to the beginning of decline."

Venice, A Maritime Republic
Publication Date: 1 Nov 1973
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 7" x 10"
Page Count: 587 pages
ISBN: 9780801814600