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PrefaceList of ContributorsReconsidering Venice
John Martin and Dennis RomanoPart I. The Setting1 Toward an Ecological Understanding of the Myth of Venice
Elisabeth Crouzet-PavanPart II. Politics and Culture2 The Serrata of the Great Council and Venetian Society, 1286–1323
Gerhard Rösch3 Hard Times and Ducal Radiance: Andrea Dandolo and the Construction of the Ruler in Fourteenth-Century Venice
Debra Pincus4 Was There Republicanism in the Renaissance Republics? Venice after Agnadello
Edward Muir5 Confronting New Realities: Venice and the Peace of Bologna, 1530
Elisabeth G. Gleason6 "A Plot Discover'd?"Myth, Legend, and the "Spanish"Conspiracy against Venice in 1618
Richard Mackenney7 Opera, Festivity, and Spectacle in "Revolutionary"Venice: Phantasms of Time and History
Martha FeldmanPart III. Society and Culture8 Identity and Ideology in Renaissance Venice: The Third Serrata
Stanley Chojnacki9 Behind the Walls: The Material Culture of Venetian Elites
Patricia Fortini Brown10 Elite Citizens
James S. Grubb11 Veronese's High Altarpiece for San Sebastiano: A Patrician Commissionfor Counter Reformation Church
Peter Humfrey12 Early Modern Venice as a Center of Information and Communication
Peter Burke13 Toward a Social History of Women in Venice: From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
Federica Ambrosini14 Slave Redemption in Venice, 1585–1797
Robert C. DavisPart IV. After the Fall15 The Creation of Venetian Historiography
Claudio Povolo

Venice Reconsidered
The History and Civilization of an Italian City-State, 1297–1797
Publication Date: 1 Feb 2003
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