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"Ambitious and thought-provoking... The Violence of Modernity is an important, enlightening book."

"A thought-provoking and carefully researched study which offers a captivating perspective on Baudelaire's poetry."

"Offers a refreshingly innovative approach not just to Baudelaire but also to broader critical interpretations of violence, modernity, irony, politics, and form."

"Admirable study."

"A major contribution to the study of Baudelaire and his influence... It has a great deal to offer not only scholars of French literature, but to anyone interested in the complex intersections between literature and history."

"At a time when we are more than ever encouraged to distinguish between good guys and bad guys, it is refreshing to read a work that illustrates the impossibility of such clear-cut distinctions."

"One of the most solidly critically informed works in the field."

"In her distinctive, innovative, and provocative work, Sanyal interprets Baudelaire's response to modernity as fundamentally political, and she conceives his strategies of understanding and interpretation as a concerted resistance to modernity's violence."