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Table Of Contents

Part I: Historical Trajectories of the Middle East and Europe
1. The Honor of Virgins: The Biblical Roots of Patriarchy
2. A Pirouette in Europe: With Dutch Women in the Lead, History Changes Course
3. Jerusalem, Rome, Mecca: A Crescent Rises in the Firmament and in Arabia
Part II: How Globalization Advantages Women
4. Global Markets: Putting Homo economicus on the Defensive
5. Fashioning Herself: Women Unbound by Tradition
Part III: Explaining the Islamist Backlash
6. Loathing the Feminine Mystique: The Islamist Resistance
7. Thoughts and Consequences: The Ink of Scholars and the Blood of Martyrs
Part IV: Abroad at Home: European Paradoxes
8. Europe's Winter of Discontent: A Clash of Traditions and Generations
9. An Education: Women and Men in Europe's Poorer Neighborhoods
10. Islamist Tipping Points: Why Think Radically in Europe?