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"My best advice is to go out and buy yourself a copy of the book."

"The breadth of Segerman’s 3D printing explorations is impressive. Coupled with the clarity of his explanations of the mathematics behind those explorations, this book becomes an easy recommendation for any reader interested in learning some beautiful mathematical ideas."

"No previous mathematical maturity is required. The work is a good addition to any academic library. Highly recommended"

"I have great difficulty thinking about Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing as "just a book." The careful choice, quality and effectiveness of the 140+ images in the book is outstanding. What Segerman has developed is much bigger than a book he has developed a whole platform to complement the book and explore mathematical concepts. Visualizing Mathematics with 3D printing allows the reader to manipulate with a computer or 3D print the objects discussed, making it possible to physically interact with the concepts."

"... this book serves as a launching point for teachers who are interested in exploring more advanced geometries or topology themselves. It could also guide conversations between STEM and arts educators trying to build an integrated learning experience."

"The focus is on a number of areas that absolutely lend themselves to 3D models, and in these areas the author has excelled... wonderful illustrations that inspire much deeper thinking and investigation taking the reader on a fascinating journey."

"[Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing] conveys a level of intuition that's difficult to find elsewhere, and it would be an extremely valuable additional resource for any student wanting to develop their geometric and topological understanding and intuition. The innovative way in which material is introduced could also be useful for teachers and lecturers when designing lessons... the elegance and beauty of the presentation makes it wholly accessible for accomplished mathematicians, aspiring mathematicians, and non-mathematicians alike."

"This book truly reaches into the third dimension and makes complex geometrical models easier to understand. As a bonus, it's closely coupled with an interactive website and the 3D printed models you can access there. Equally valuable for those of us wrapping our heads around 3D printed mathematical objects and for students of symmetry, topology, knot theory, or regular polyhedra."

"Henry Segerman has made a name for himself demystifying advanced mathematics with the help of 3D printed models. Here, he tackles some difficult concepts—from symmetry to curvature to the shadowy world of four-dimensional shapes—with clear, inviting explanations and beautiful 3D printed illustrations."

"Visual thinkers, rejoice! Three-dimensional shapes have never been so lovingly illustrated. Segerman’s gorgeous 3D printed models, and his equally beautiful explanations, make this book a treat for the right-brained among us."

"When someone unfamiliar with mathematics walks into my office expecting an explanation of the fourth dimension or hyperbolic space, the first thing I do is pull out some of Henry Segerman's sculptures. His book reveals the mathematics of these forms, as well as his deep aesthetic sensibility."