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"Unlike many academic reference works, all editions [Walker's Mammals], the new one included, are as accessible to amateurs as to professionals... For wildlife enthusiasts, this two-volume set is an indispensable resource. The new edition not only updates taxonomic information generated in the last 10 years, it pushes back the historical record, including all mammals known to have existed in the past 5,000 years. Twenty-one new genera also appear, animals that have recently been discovered. Either volume is hefty enough to kill a small mammal if dropped—there's a total of 2,160 pages... And despite almost a decade between editions—the last edition appeared in 1991—the price has remained virtually the same, despite an increase in book size of more than 20 percent. After being exposed to this kind of thorough, detailed information saturation, many readers may find it hard to go back to a plain old encyclopedia for their animal questions."

"For anyone who needs an up-to-date, comprehensive guide to every known species of mammal, Walker's Mammals of the World is an essential purchase."

"A massive compilation ideal for readers who want to have at their fingertips information on every mammal species."

"An absolute treasure trove—a 'must' for the working naturalist as well as for any person who has curiosity about the world's mammals."

"Professional naturalists will find [these volumes] invaluable as a handy reference, and amateurs—at least those citizens alive to their earthly environment—should delight in finding so much fascinating information made so available and palatable."

"What an amazing lot mammals are, seen here in all of their diversity!... Walker has made available a mine of information, for the specialist as well as for the casually interested... If you want to find out about a mammal, then, here is the place to look."

"Every mammalogist must have [these books], and those who profess a broad interest in the fauna of the world will want them."

Walker's Mammals of the World
Publication Date: 29 Jul 1999
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 7.25" x 10.25"
Page Count: 2015 pages
Illustrations: 550 b&w illus.
ISBN: 9780801857898