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Walking in Baltimore

'Walking in Baltimore' cover image

Walking in Baltimore

An Intimate Guide to the Old City

Outsiders had called it "Mob Town" when, on April 19, 1861, Confederate sympathizers attacked Yankee soldiers and shed the first blood of the Civil War. According to Frank Shivers, Baltimore's unique charm must have something to do with the city's wonderful mix of opposites – North and South, old-fashioned rowhouses and modern office towers, industrial waterfront and revitalized inner harbor, the venerable Walters Art Gallery and funky Fells Point bars.

In the 12 tours of Walking in Baltimore, Shivers invites readers and walkers to explore the city's rich past and lively present. Each tour highlights places where notable Baltimoreans made their mark – where BABE RUTH was born, where EDGAR ALLAN POE is buried, where FREDERICK DOUGLASS learned to read, where SCOTT AND ZELDA FITZGERALD had their last home together, where WALLIS WARFIELD married her first husband. Shivers tells where to go to indulge special interests such as sports, the arts, and maritime history. And he offers good advice about restaurants, shops, and transportation.

With a wealth of new details that Shivers has uncovered about street names, outdoor sculpture, famous literary figures, and more. Walking in Baltimore offers an intimate look at the heart of a grand old city. Illustrated with more than 75 photographs, most taken especially for this book by Lisa Frances Davis, this guide promises memorable walking – and delightful reading – for native Baltimoreans and curious visitors alike.