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"Dr. McLay’s account of combat PTSD is both intensely personal and realistically scientific. The story of how he worked to perfect virtual reality therapy—which has helped many Service Members overcome PTSD—is a must read for anyone who has to deal with combat PTSD—Veterans, loved ones, and those who seek to help them."

"Highly recommended for military and psychology holdings alike."

"Thoroughly recommended as a humane, insightful, and very readable book."

"Recommended to the general reader interested in the effects of war and the importance of finding new and better ways to treat those effects."

"Accessible, informative and compelling."

"Though useful for mental health professionals from different backgrounds (i.e. psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, patient care technicians, etc.), this work is also intended for those who have experienced symptoms of PTSD or know someone who has... There are many books that discuss virtually every aspect of PTSD... few offer such a personal, frontline glimpse into the challenges mental health professionals face in providing accurate assessment and treatment services for military personnel."