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"This evidence-based, easy-to-understand approach to weight loss provides readers with the appropriate tools they need to be successful long term in reaching their own individualized goals. More comprehensive than other weight loss books on the market, this book is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to lose weight safely and effectively."

"After two years out from losing over 60 pounds and reaching my goal weight, achieved only with the amazing support from the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center, it was invigorating and reaffirming to read this book. It gave me the additional support I'm needing right now in the 'maintenance phase' to continue to keep the weight off. The lessons I learned from Dr. Cheskin and his team—including the importance of regular, daily exercise—have improved my health dramatically. I can now hike over 600 feet of elevation without feeling the need to be airlifted back home. Although I still love cooking and baking, I've learned how to indulge this hobby in a more healthy way—both in terms of choice of ingredients and moderation. I can't thank Dr. Cheskin and his team enough for their support and belief in me when I came to them committed to change. I even went on a vacation to Italy while in their program and was able to not gain any weight! This book will be a great resource for others wanting to lose weight and keep it off."

"This is a reference that I'd be eager to recommend to my patients. Drs. Cheskin and Gudzune, who are are well-established leaders in obesity medicine and weight management, have written a great resource for learning about the science and practice of healthy weight management. Weight Loss for Life is science-based, well-researched, and a thorough and valuable guide."

"A pragmatic guide to weight loss and weight management for all audiences. Utilizing their extensive experience in patient care, the authors provide questionnaires and case studies, allowing the reader to identify the causes of their overeating and weight gain. Once patterns and behaviors are self-identified, practical advice is provided to support the implementation of alternatives for healthy, long-term change. This book employs the same strategies and practices used by practitioners in a clinical setting, providing holistic guidance to achieve the optimal mindset, diet, and lifestyle for permanent change. This is a must-read for all pursuing weight loss."