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"The author's short fiction has been rewarded with eight appearances in the annual O. Henry Prize Stories collection. The engaging What Goes without Saying collects 30 of her best tales, which first appeared in magazines ranging from Mademoiselle to the Kenyon Review."

"Josephine Jacobsen gives us a startling word-by-word gift. Her characters—human and animal—know edginess and exhilaration. She is unfoolable. Her judgment is lyric, wise, and daring. She looks all around, her angle of vision invariably original, able to switch from the periscopic to the circumferential."

"Unlike the predominant shrillness, vagueness, or opacity of the contemporary scene, Josephine Jacobsen's work is marked by its reserve, stoic timbre, and its high precision."

"Josephine Jacobsen writes masterfully, consistently, and better every year. She has a superb narrative gift and she sketches the people of her world with originality, inventiveness, and rare intelligence."