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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Why Are We So Afraid Of Cancer?
Chapter 1. What This Book Is All About
Chapter 2. What Is Cancer?
Chapter 3. How Cancer Is Caused
Chapter 4. An Overview Of The Most Common Cancers
Chapter 5. The Main Types Of Conventional Treatment
Chapter 6. Complementary, Alternative, Or Unconventional Treatments
Chapter 7. Cancer, Attitudes, And The Mind
Chapter 8. Screening, Early Diagnosis, And Prevention
Chapter 9. With So Many Breakthroughs, Why's There No Progress?
Chapter 10. Living With Cancer
Appendix A: Some Commonly Used Medical Terms and What They Mean
Appendix B: Commonly Asked Questions
Appendix C: Further Readings and References
Appendix D: Other Sources of Help

What You Really Need to Know about Cancer
A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Their Families
Publication Date: 24 Oct 1997
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Trim Size: 7.5" x 8.75"
Page Count: 384 pages
Illustrations: 76 line drawings
ISBN: 9780801855948