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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. Opportunities and Threats to Higher Education
Chapter 2. What Citizens Think about Their State's Public Universities: Steps toward Ground Truthing
Chapter 3. Public Funding for Teaching, Research, and Community Engagement
Chapter 4. Focusing Attention on Rural and Urban Communities
Chapter 5. Global Footprint versus Closer to Home
Chapter 6. Merit-Based Aid and Needs-Based Aid for Students
Chapter 7. National Rankings: The Scourge of Higher Education
Chapter 8. Jobs and Politics and Sports, Oh My!
Chapter 9. Disdain the Beaten Path: The Year 2020 as a Turning Point for the American Public University
1. Study Survey
2. Multivariate Tests
3. Tests of Between-Subjects Effects
4. Multiple Comparisons

What's Public about Public Higher Ed?
Halting Higher Education's Decline in the Court of Public Opinion
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