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"This positive and helpful book does an exceptional job of telling the story of Wheelock's merger with Boston University while talking through the financial implications."

"Churchill and Chard tell a gripping story of courageous and insightful leadership, emotional sensitivity, and the power of integrity in uncharted waters. At the same time, they detail a compelling, innovative process to treat a merger not as a failure but as a way to preserve institutional values and mission. They also offer inspiration and insight on every page."

"Churchill and Chard have thoughtfully documented the last years of Wheelock College, and the 'merger' that led to its final incarnation as a school within Boston University. They share the politics, finances, and emotions associated with institutional closure, but perhaps most valuably, they outline the leadership failures which compel such an outcome. A great read in today's challenged higher education environment."

"When Colleges Close will be of enormous value to presidents and governing boards on either side of a potential merger or contemplating closure. Churchill and Chard illustrate the importance of communication, transparency, compassion, and putting students first. Wheelock College and Boston University were highly successful, and this volume shows why."

When Colleges Close
Leading in a Time of Crisis
Publication Date: 6 Apr 2021
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 168 pages
ISBN: 9781421440781