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Table Of Contents

Basics of Dementia Care, and Life in a Dementia Care Community
1. What Is Long-Term Care?
2. What Is Dementia?
3. What Type of Dementia Is It, and Why Does It Matter?
4. When It's Time for a Dementia Care Community—and When It's Not
5. Caring for People Is an Imperfect Science
6. Communicating with Someone Who Has Dementia
7. Embrace Their Reality
8. Why It Doesn't Work to Reorient People Who Have Dementia
9. Why Quizzing Isn't Effective
10. Car Keys, Cell Phones, and Wallets
Living in a Dementia Care Community
11. The Importance of Meaningful Activities
12. Baby Dolls, Artificial Pets, and the Importance of Environment
13. A Note about Visiting
14. Personal Preferences
15. The Cost of Good Hygiene
16. Move-In Day
17. Saying Goodbye for the Day
Relationships and Dementia
18. The Importance of Friendship for People Who Have Dementia
19. Sex and Partnership in a Dementia Community
20. Trouble with Other Residents
21. Agitation in the Evening
22. Day Trips and Outings
23. She Doesn't Recognize Me
Challenges and Changes in Advanced Dementia Care
24. The Right Approach When It Comes to Aggression
25. Hallucinations and Delusional Thinking
26. Aphasia, Second Languages, and Word Salads
27. Dietary Changes
28. Caregiver Stress and Cultivating Patience
29. Preserving Hope

When Someone You Know Is Living in a Dementia Care Community
Words to Say and Things to Do
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