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Table Of Contents

Note to the Reader
1. "Fear Death by Water": The Postman Always Rings Twice and the Frauds of Memory
2. Myth in the Mirror of History: The Rules of Fate andthe Responsibilities of Choice in Visconti's Ossessione
3. Grotesque Doublings and the Dangers of the Sublime: Poe's "Never Bet the Devil Your Head"
4. Fellini's "Unoriginal" Scripts: The Creative Power of the Grotesque
5. India through the Looking Glass: The Narrative Heritage of the West and Antonio Tabucchi's Notturno indiano
6. "A Cinema of Quotations": Nocturne indien; or, How Alain Corneau Filmed Antonio Tabucchi's "Night"
7. The Writer in the Looking Glass: Jorge Luis Borges's "Tema del traidor y del héroe" and the Ambivalences of the Uncanny
8. From Icon to Simulacrum: Bertolucci's La strategia del ragno and the Urban Labyrinths of the Uncanny