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Table Of Contents

Foreword, by Terry E. Miller
Part I: Amish Life and Song
1. Who Are the Amish?
2. The Functions of Amish Singing
3. Case Study:: "Es sind zween Weg"
Part II: Singing in Childhood and Adolescence
4. Songs for Nurture: Lullabies and Children's Songs
5. Songs for Instruction: Singing at School
6. Case Study: School Repertoire
7. Songs of Identity: Youth Sings
Part III: Singing for Worship
8. Songs of Memory: The Ausbund
9. Songs of Belonging: Baptism, Council, and Communion
10. Case Study: The Loblied, or Lobsand
Part IV: Singing for Special Occasions
11. Songs of Love and Life: Weddings and Funerals
12. Songs of Trust: Music in Daily Life
13. Songs for the Future: Amish Singing in the Twenty-First Century
Appendix I: Additional Musical Examples
Appendix II: Research Methods
Appendix III: Historical Studies of Amish Music