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"Dr. Cooper's personal and professional journey is both riveting and inspiring; the scenes from her childhood in Liberia alone offer a global history lesson that resonates in present-day America. The unique experiences she brings to this unprecedented moment of the intersection of community health and racial reckoning make Why Are Health Disparities Everyone's Problem? not only an essential read but a central question for our time."

"In this commanding narrative, Dr. Lisa Cooper—groundbreaking researcher, MacArthur Foundation 'Genius,' founder and director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity—outlines innovative health equity solutions that can move us toward a societal 'herd immunity' where we're tackling not just clinical disease but the deep-seeded impacts of structural racism."

"A compelling and enlightening record of Dr. Cooper's journey of awakening to the origins and widespread impacts of health disparities and to the need for health equity in local and global communities. She shares the richness of her experiences and the piercing insights that have fueled her celebrated quest to unmask the underlying causes of and to propose solutions for the pervasive and persistent disparities whose deleterious effects in disadvantaged communities have broad effects on all others."

"Drawing on a lifetime of global experiences and decades of research, Dr. Cooper convincingly argues that racial inequities are an enormous economic and moral burden that hurts all of us. With an evidence-informed optimism, Why Are Health Disparities Everyone's Problem? is a desperately needed, innovative playbook to tackle the unfinished chapter in America's struggle with racial inequity with renewed vigor and competence. It shows us where to begin in dismantling the upstream structural factors that create racial and socioeconomic differences in health."