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Table Of Contents

1. Equus: An Ancient Genus Surviving the Modern World
2. Social Organization of Wild Equids
3. Behavior of Horses, Zebras, and Asses
4. Habitat and Diet of Equids
5. Equids and Ecological Niches: Behavioral and Life History: Variations on a Common Theme
6. Wild and Feral Equid Population Dynamics
7. Genetics and Paleogenetics of Equids
8. The Roles of Humans in Horse Distribution through Time
9. Human Dimensions of Wild Equid Management: Exploring the Meanings of "Wild"
10. Management of Free-Roaming Horses
11. Wild Equid Captive Breeding and Management
12. Status and Conservation of Threatened Equids
13. Challenges and Opportunities for Conserving Equid Migrations
14. Reintroduction of Wild Equids