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Wildlife in Airport Environments

'Wildlife in Airport Environments' cover image

Wildlife in Airport Environments

Preventing Animal–Aircraft Collisions through Science-Based Management

A comprehensive overview of wildlife issues facing airports and how to minimize conflicts.

Winner of the NWRC Publication Award of the National Wildlife Research Center

The pilot watches the instrument panel and prepares for touchdown—a routine landing until a burst of birds, a coyote, or a herd of deer crosses the runway! Every year, pilots experience this tension and many aircraft come into direct contact with birds and other wildlife, resulting in more than one billion dollars in damage annually. The United States Federal Aviation Administration has recorded a rise in these incidents over the past decade due to the combined effects of more reporting, rebounding wildlife populations, and an increased number of flights. Wildlife in Airport Environments tackles the issue of what to do about encounters with wildlife in and around airports—from rural, small-craft airparks to major international hubs.

Whether the problem is birds or bats in the flight path or a moose on the runway, the authors provide a thorough overview of the science behind wildlife management at airports. This well-written, carefully documented volume presents a clear synthesis for researchers, wildlife managers, and airport professionals. The book belongs in the hands of all those charged with minimizing the risks that wildlife pose to air travel.

Wildlife in Airport Environments is the first book in the series Wildlife Management and Conservation and is published in association with The Wildlife Society.

Michael L. Avery, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Jerrold L. Belant, Mississippi State University
Kristin M. Biondi, Mississippi State University
Bradley F. Blackwell, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Jonathon D. Cepek, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Larry Clark, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Tara J. Conkling, Mississippi State University
Scott R. Craven, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Paul D. Curtis, Cornell University
Travis L. DeVault, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Richard A. Dolbeer, U.S. Department of Agriculture
David Felstul, U.S. Department of the Interior
Esteban Fernández-Juricic, Purdue University
Alan B. Franklin, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Sidney A. Gauthreaux Jr., Clemson University
Michael Lavelle, U.S. Department of Agriculture
James A. Martin, Mississippi State University
Rebecca Mihalco, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Paige M. Schmidt, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Thomas W. Seamans, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Kurt C. VerCauteren, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Brian E. Washburn, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Wildlife in Airport Environments
Preventing Animal–Aircraft Collisions through Science-Based Management
Publication Date: 15 Nov 2013
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Trim Size: 7" x 10"
Page Count: 200 pages
Illustrations: 53 b&w illus.
ISBN: 9781421410821