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Table Of Contents

Part I: An Overview of Wildlife Damage Management
1. Introduction
2. History
3. Resources
Part II: Biological and Ecological Concepts
4. Organismic and Species Systems
5. Populations
6. Communities, Ecosystems, and Landscapes
Part III: Surveys of Damage and Damaging Species
7. Exotic Invasive Species of North America
8. Damaging Species of North America
9. Wildlife Diseases and Zoonoses
Part IV: Methods
10. Physical Methods
11. Pesticides
12. Biological Methods
Part V: Human Dimensions
13. Economic Dimension
14. Human Perceptions and Responses
15. Politics and Public Policy
Part VI: Strategies and the Future
16. Operational Procedures and Strategies
17. Future Directions
18. Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Damage Management
Prevention, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution
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