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Table Of Contents

Part I: Foundation
1. The Misunderstanding of Habitat
2. Exploration and Critique of Habitat and Habitat Quality
3. Demographic Consequences of Habitat
4. Managing Habitats in a Changing World
Part II: Habitats in Peril
5. Habitat Loss and Degradation: Understanding Anthropogenic Stressors and Their Impacts on Individuals, Populations and Communitie
6. Population Genetics and Wildlife Habitat
7. Habitat Fragmentation and Corridors
8. The Impact of Invasive Species on Wildlife Habitat
Part III: Research and Conservation
9. Thoughts on Models and Prediction
10. Manage Habitat Monitor Species
11. The Effects of Disturbance and Succession on Wildlife Habitat and Animal Communities
12. Wildlife Habitat Restoration
13. Synthesis for Advancing Useful Knowledge of Habitat: Unifying Themes or Many Directions?