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Chapter 1. Defining Wildlife and Wildlife Management
Chapter 2. The History of Wildlife Conservation in North America
Chapter 3. The Wildlife Professional
Chapter 4. Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management
Chapter 5. Structured Decision Making
Chapter 6. Scale in Wildlife Management: The Difficulty with Extrapolation
Chapter 7. Wildlife Population Dynamics
Chapter 8. Diseases and Parasites
Chapter 9. Hunting and Trapping
Chapter 10. Impacts of Weather and Accidents on Wildlife
Chapter 11. Nutritional Ecology
Chapter 12. Water and Other Welfare Factors
Chapter 13. Predator–Prey Relationships and Management
Chapter 14. Animal Behavior
Chapter 15. Habitat
Chapter 16. Wildlife Restoration
Chapter 17. Climate Change and Wildlife
Chapter 18. Conservation Planning for Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat
Chapter 19. Managing Populations

Wildlife Management and Conservation
Contemporary Principles and Practices
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