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List of Contributors
Part I. Understanding Habitat on Landscapes
Chapter 1. The Landscape Perspective in Wildlife and Habitat Management
Chad J. Parent and Fidel Hernández
Chapter 2. Wildlife Management and the Roots of Landscape Ecology
James A. Martin and John M. Yeiser
Chapter 3. Wildlife–Landscape Relationships: A Foundation for Managing Habitats on Landscapes
Michael L. Morrison and William M. Block
Part II. Establishing a Landscape Foundation for Wildlife Managers
Chapter 4. Essential Concepts in Landscape Ecology for Wildlife and Natural Resource Managers
Humberto L. Perotto-Baldivieso
Chapter 5. Using Landscape Ecology to Inform Effective Management
Joseph A. Veech
Chapter 6. Translating Landcover Data Sets into Habitat Features
David D. Diamond and Lee F. Elliott
Chapter 7. Influence of Habitat Loss and Fragmentation on Wildlife Populations
Amanda E. Martin, Joseph R. Bennett, and Lenore Fahrig
Chapter 8. Data Collection and Quantitative Considerations for Studying Pattern–Process Relationships on Landscapes
Jacqueline L. Frair and Guillaume Bastille-Rousseau
Chapter 9. Part II Synthesis: Establishing a Landscape Foundation for Wildlife Managers
David M. Williams
Part III. Establishing a Wildlife Management Foundation for Landscape Ecologists
Chapter 10. Managing Wildlife at Landscape Scales
John W. Connelly and Courtney J. Conway
Chapter 11. Improving Communication between Landscape Ecologists and Managers: Challenges and Opportunities
Kerri T. Vierling, Joseph D. Holbrook, Jocelyn L. Aycrigg, Teresa C. Cohn, and Leona K. Svancara
Chapter 12. Developing Useful Spatially Explicit Habitat Models and Decision-Support Tools for Wildlife Management
Neal D. Niemuth, Michael E. Estey, and Ronald D. Pritchert
Chapter 13. Managing Landscapes and the Importance of Conservation Incentive Programs
Mark J. Witecha and Todd R. Bogenschutz
Chapter 14. Part III Synthesis: Establishing a Wildlife Management Foundation for Landscape Ecologists
David M. Williams
Part IV. Translating Landscape Ecology to Management
Chapter 15. Age, Size, Configuration, and Context: Keys to Habitat Management at All Scales
Jeffrey K. Keller
Chapter 16. A Joint Venture Approach
Gregory J. Soulliere and Mohammed A. Al-Saffar
Chapter 17. Translating Landscape Ecology to Management: A Landscape Conservation Cooperatives Approach
Cynthia A. Jacobson, Amanda L. Sesser, Elsa M. Haubold, Kevin M. Johnson, Kimberly A. Lisgo, Betsy E. Neely, Fiona K. A. Schmiegelow, Stephen C. Torbit, and Greg Wathen
Chapter 18. Mapping Priority Areas for Species Conservation
Casey A. Lott, Jeffery L. Larkin, Darin J. McNeil, Cameron J. Fiss, and Bridgett E. Costanzo
Chapter 19. Nongovernmental Organizations: Their Role in and Approach to Landscape Conservation
Jodi A. Hilty, Karl A. Didier, and Jon P. Beckmann
Chapter 20. Part IV Synthesis: Translating Landscape Ecology to Management
David M. Williams

Wildlife Management and Landscapes
Principles and Applications
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