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"This esteemed and enduring reference, now two volumes, thoroughly updates and revises Techniques for Wildlife Investigations and Management."

"A staple on the bookshelves of a wide variety of wildlife professionals."

"A brilliant toolbox of techniques and management options."

"Editor Nova J. Silvy and 120 contributors have done a masterful—and much needed—job of producing The Wildlife Society's seventh edition of The Wildlife Techniques Manual. This up-to-date, two-volume set fully covers the broad set of tools needed to conduct both management and research. It demands a place in the library of every aspiring and practicing wildlife biologist/ecologist."

"The broad sweep of methodology in both wildlife research and management and the affordable price for this large, two-volume text make it an indispensable reference for all wildlife and field biologists and a necessary addition to the ecology bookshelf. Essential."

"Well written and clearly organised... the seventh edition of The Wildlife Techniques Manual should be a must for all wildlife managers and ecologists."

"This new and revised seventh edition could not have been published at a better time. The dynamic and changing landscape needs wildlife managers with a passion for wildlife conservation and preservation; this two-volume techniques manual set is a vital tool in accomplishing the goals and aspirations of local and global wildlife biologists to the betterment of our planet."

"A resource that professionals and students in wildlife biology, conservation, and management simply cannot do without."

"This useful resource for professionals and students... gives an important synthesis of the methods used in the field as well as in the laboratory."

"The two-volume set is impressive on the bookshelf, and even more impressive as a testament to how far the techniques widely used in wildlife management have come in a few short decades."