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"An excellent portrait of the father and son who assembled the [Walters Art Gallery] collection and turned it over to the people of Baltimore and the world... Johnston skillfully handles both the complex business transactions of the Walters family and their varied interests in both the art of their day and in historical collecting. Highly recommended."

"A superb read. While this book certainly defines the Walters, it goes much further—more than any other I know, it best addresses the nature of post-Civil War art collecting. It speaks of the rise to wealth, power, and position of a whole class of entrepreneurs in the post-Civil War period and addresses the entire historic, economic, and social life of Baltimore in the mid- and late nineteenth century. It is an original and substantial contribution of sound scholarship—there is nothing like it in publication."

William and Henry Walters, the Reticent Collectors
Publication Date: 25 Oct 1999
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Trim Size: 6.125" x 9.25"
Page Count: 344 pages
Illustrations: 19 color illus., 66 halftones
ISBN: 9780801860409