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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Making Movies and Incorporating Gender
Prologue: "The Greatest Electrical Novelty in the World": Gender and Filmmaking before the Turn of the Century
Part One: Expansion, Stardom & Uplift: Women Enter the American Movie Industry, 1908–1916
1. A Quiet Invasion: Nickelodeons, Narratives, and the First Women in Film
2. "To Get Some of the 'Good Gravy' " for Themselves Stardom, Features, and the First Star-Producers
3. "So Much More Natural to a Woman": Gender, Uplift, and the Woman Filmmaker
Interlude: Women in Serials & Short Comedies, 1912–1922
4. The "Girls Who Play": The Short Film and the New Woman
Part Two: "A Business Pure & Simple": The End of Uplift and the Masculinization of Hollywood, 1916–1928
5. "The Real Punches": Lois Weber, Cecil B. DeMille, and the End of the Uplift Movement
6. A "'Her-Own-Company' Epidemic": Stars as Independent Producers
7. "Doing a 'Man's Work'": The Rise of the Studio System and the Remasculinization of Filmmaking
Getting Away with It
Essay on Sources