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Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations
List of Tables
Introduction: The New Era
List of Abbreviations
1. From "Sisterhood" to Interest Group: Learning to Lobby
2. Taking on Academia: Tokenism, "Revolving Doors," and Lawsuits to 1985
3. Taking Advantage of Undergraduate Openings: Impetus to Ever-Broadening Reforms
4. Innovative Outreach: Expanding Girls' Options and Opportunities
5. Using Science to Fight Back: Equal Opportunity at the Women's Colleges
6. Surviving the "Minefields" in Graduate School
7. Postdoctoral Pathways: Preparation, Holding Pattern, or Jumping-Off Point?
8. Industrial and Self-Employment: Entering Wedges and Entrepreneurs
9. Federal Employment: Lawsuits and Presidential Appointees
10. Nonprofit Alternatives: Speeding Up, Moving In, On, and Even Up
11. Academia after Rajender: Programs, Publicity, and Pressures
12. Taking the Scientific Societies beyond Recognition
Epilogue: A New Era of Institutional Contrition and "Transformation"
Selected Bibliography