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Table Of Contents

Ann L. ArdisPart I Negotiating the LIterary MarketplaceWriting a Public Self: Alice Meynell's "Unstable Equilibrium"
Talia SchafferTowards a New "Colored "Consciousness: Biracial Identity on Pauline Hopkins's Fiction
Leslie W. LewisThe Authority of Experience: Jane Adams and Hull-House
Francesca Sawaya"This Other Eden": Homoeroticism and the Great War in the Early Poetry of H.D. and Radclyffe Hall
Claire BuckThe Heir Apparent: Opal Whiteley and the Female as Child in America
Deborah GarfieldPart II Outside the MetropolisIn-Between Modernity: Toru Dutt (1856–1877) from a Postcolonial Perspective
Alpana SharmaNew Negro Modernity: Worldliness and Interiority in the Novels of Emma Dunham Kelley-Hawkins
Carla L. PetersonOlive Schreiner, South Africa, and the Costs of Modernity
Carolyn Burdett"Tropical Ovaries": Gynecological Degeneration and Lady Arabella's "Female Difficulties"in Bram Stoker's The Lair of the White Worm
Piya Pal-LapinskiTwo Talks with Khun Fa
Lynn ThiesmeyerPart III The Shifting Terrian of Public Life"Stage Business"as Citizenship: Ida B. Wells at the World's Columbian Exposition
James C. DavisPhenomena in Flux: The Aesthetics and Politics of Traveling in Modernity
Ana Parejo VadilloThe New Woman's Appetite for "Riotous Living": Rebecca West, Modernist Feminism, and the Everyday
Barbara GreenDjuna Barnes Makes a Specialty of Crime: Violence and the Visual in Her Early Journalism
Katherine BiersIn Pursuit of an Erogamic Life: Marie Stopes and the Culture of Married Love
Lucy BurkeShift Work: Observing Women Observing, 1937–1945
Julian YatesAfterword
Rita FelskiNotes on Contributors