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Table Of Contents

Part I: History and Perspectives
Chapter 1. Becoming Human: The Origins and Development of Women's Human Rights
Chapter 2. Women's Rights as Human Rights: Toward a Re-Vision of Human Rights
Chapter 3. Human Rights: A Feminist Perspective
Chapter 4. The Gender of Jus Cogens
Chapter 5. Enemies or Allies? Feminism and Cultural Relativism as Dissident Voices in Human Rights Discourse
Part II: Religion, Culture, and Women's Human Rights
Chapter 6. The Human Rights of Middle Eastern and Muslim Women: A Project for the Twenty-first Century
Chapter 7. Post-Colonialism, Gender, Customary Injustice: Widows in African Societies
Chapter 8. Gendered States: Rethinking Culture as a Site of South Asian Human Rights Work
Part III: Violence and Women
Chapter 9. Women's Voices, Women's Pain
Chapter 10. Women, War, and Rape: Challenges Facing the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
Chapter 11. Rape Camps as a Means of Ethnic Cleansing: Religious, Cultural, and Ethical Responses to Rape Victims in the Former Yugoslavia
Chapter 12. Surfacing Children: Limitations of Genocidal Rape Discourse
Chapter 13. Rights Talk and the Experience of Law: Implementing Women's Human Rights the Protection from Violence
Chapter 14. Used, Abused, Arrested, and Deported: Extending Immigration Benefits to Protect the Victims of Trafficking and to Secure the Prosecution of Traffickers
Part IV: Economic Rights
Chapter 15. Measuring Women's Economic and Social Rights Achievement
Chapter 16. The Impact of Structural Adjustment on Women: A Governance and Human Rights Agenda
Part V: Reproductive Rights
Chapter 17. Human Rights Dynamics of Abortion Law Reform
Chapter 18. Debating Reproductive Rights in Ireland
Chapter 19. China to CEDAW: An Update on Population Policy
Appendix: Text of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
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