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Table Of Contents

Author's Note
The Atoll
The Atoll
Of Islands
Note: Palmyra
On His Dark Bed
The Garden
The Flight
Note: The Atoll
The Hunt
Willow Wood
Invitation to Ground Zero
Contemplation of Conspiracy
The Poor Peacock and the Rich Peacock
Perfect Lives: Portraits
The Artist and the Arena
The Hunt
The Deet and the Dachshund: Light Verse and Satire
Author, Author
The Literary Life
On the Banks of the Mississippi
Oxford Doggerel
Harry Martinson: The Forest of Childhood
Harry Martinson: Peonies
Harry Martinson: The Henhouse
Paul Valéry: Pomegranates
Jules Laforgue: The Far West
Kjell Hjern: On the Growth of Hair in Middle Age
Jean-Max Tixier: Writing
Basho: Haiku
Sándor Weöres: The Lunatic Cyclist
Sándor Weöres: Boundless Space
The Greatest Wealth: Wedding Songs
Now Touch the Air Softly
The Bouquet
Song for a Country Wedding
The Greatest Wealth
Words by the Water
Old Cherokee Woman's Song
Song of the Dispossessed
A Rational Departure
Rhetorical Question
Cats in a Summer Garden
To the Memory of Hubert Creekmore (1907–1966)
A Green Oasis
Woman at the Piano
Words by the Water