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"From Words to Worlds displays Breslin at his best. It is comprehensive and well reasoned, and it is thoroughly readable. While others have thought about textualism primarily in the context of debates about interpretation, Breslin asks us to think about constitutions not simply in relation to the way they are read by judges but in terms of their larger political significance."

"This is an important work... written by a scholar who knows how to express complex ideas clearly and is well versed in the literature on public law, political theory, and comparative constitutionalism."

"From Words to Worlds provides a refreshing break from the common focus on the U.S. Constitution in favor of a global perspective that explores the functions of constitutions in many different societies."

"One of the most successful works of genuinely comparative constitutional theory to emerge recently... Breslin’s writing is also readily accessible, and the book could easily be assigned to undergraduates. His points are clearly developed, and his examples are illuminating."

"Breslin leaves no stone unturned in his analysis of constitutionalism as a theoretical construct and a modus operandi for relatively successful political systems."

"From Words to Worlds is an excellent introduction to constitutional design. Each chapter is self-contained and can be read in isolation, which works well for teaching purposes. The book also summarizes concisely the key scholarly works relevant to the topics he discusses."

"Breslin’s erudite book elucidates the reasons a people might engage in constitutional creation in the first place—the point at which dreams are the most glorious and words are the most inspirational. What follows can never match a people’s sheer audacity in that moment, but with Breslin’s helpful prompting, it may one day be possible to test their leap of faith."