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"An important and stimulating deep study on the interaction among environmental issues, health, biodiversity, and bioethics. ten Have offers an original and urgent view."

"A well-researched, erudite exposition of a trajectory of millennia of human existence within nature's self-renewing systems, through a few thousand years of living symbiotically with its bountiful offerings, to now-mindless destruction of our planet by our so-called 'sapient' species. Connecting bioethics and health to biodiversity is explicated as the most urgent and vital means to future health."

"Henk ten Have's focus on biodiversity goes hand in hand with a more encompassing approach to bioethics; environmental dimensions are crucial, along with social and political challenges which go beyond domestic concerns and the focus on individual rights involved in medical practice. Bioethics is 'global' because the future of humankind is at stake."

"The planet is dangerously sick and only uninformed or irresponsible people do not realize it. Ten Have's timely work has the merit of facing this urgent task through the bioethical gaze, rekindling the debate about the academic origins of this area of knowledge and the historical role of Van Rensselaer Potter's legacy."

"Can bioethics help to save our wounded planet? This is the audacious question pursued in this book. A disturbing wake-up call in the wake of a rapidly deteriorating biodiversity. A plea for an action-oriented bioethics, a recipe for something beyond human survival."