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"Think what I might have accomplished... if I hadn't had my nose buried in Writings of the Luddites."

"This work shines not just as a collection on an important topic but more generally as an artisanal guide to the art and mystery of archival research."

"The first anthology of its kind, this collection is meticulously edited and carefully documented.... Writings of the Luddites is a welcome addition to the corpus of scholarly work that addresses machine-breaking in England."

"This volume makes available and accessible a wealth of textual and cultural information that has been overlooked for far too long by literary scholars and cultural historians alike."

"The book has been and will continue to be of use to scholars of Romantic and working class literatures and to historians of labour relations, class, the Home Office, Luddism, regional cultures, protest, Industrial Revolutions, capitalism, and technology. It could be used just for its collection of hard-to-access Luddite primary texts, but its extensive introductory material is extremely useful for it provision of both context and argument."