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"Szeman's framework defamiliarizes the platitudes and pieties we associate with the invocation of such names as Naipaul, James, and Achebe. This is a book that will stir debate in the best sense."

"Tightly written, boldly argued, and politically sophisticated, this is a major intervention in the study of postcolonial literature and globalization. Szeman retools the problem of the nation as it is usually understood in the study of national literatures, ripping out its Romantic 'soul' and replacing that with the much more concrete and workable concept of the zone. It's an exciting project with enormous consequences, and it should be widely read."

"Szeman speaks softly (and subtly), but as a leading-edge theorist of postcolonial literature and cultural studies he has earned the intellectual authority that underlies the present bold project."

"Offers an interesting and valuable argument."